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CIS Testing offers NCCRS-recommended courses at a cost of $50/credit (usually $150 per course). Unlike some other providers, you can buy the study guide separately for $10 or the study guide will be included free with exam purchase. This allows students to preview the course or courses that they might be interested in, without having to invest significant amounts of money ahead of time.

The way to purchase courses is not immediately clear from simply visiting the site. See this thread for information on how course purchasing works.

Course Structure[edit]

Courses at CIS Testing may consist of one or more papers plus an exam. As of June 2022, only 16 courses out of 57 (or slightly less than 30%) at CIS Testing have an assignment of some kind. The list of courses with assignments can be viewed by visiting the Assignment Upload page and clicking the dropdown menu to "select" which course you'd be uploading an assignment for. Most courses consist only of an exam. Students who want to know more about a specific course can either contact CIS Testing or purchase the study guide. Exams are proctored using RPNow.


These equivalencies are not guaranteed. They are offered here only as a guideline. A course not being listed here does not mean that it isn't accepted. It only means that its equivalency (if any) has not yet been reported. Please check with your advisor to ensure that the desired course will work as expected.

CIS Testing Course Assignments? TESU Equivalency Excelsior Equivalency
Abnormal Psychology 2, each worth 15% of grade


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