CSM Learn Credly Process

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In order to get credit for completing CSM Learn, you will need to have it added to your ACE transcript. This is done using the Credly platform (see the ACE page for more details). This is a fairly straightforward process but steps have been provided for students who are having difficulties figuring out what needs to be done.

The process for claiming a Credly badge from CSM Learn

  1. Create an account at Credly. You will need one in order for the process to work. Although you can sign up for an account after requesting your CSM Learn badge, it is probably easiest to create one ahead of time. You can use multiple emails on the same Credly account, so it doesn't matter which email you initially use to sign up with at Credly.
  2. Sign in to CSM Learn and check the upper-right corner for the certificate icon, as identified by the first arrow in the picture. If, for some reason, you do not see this icon, try clicking on or mousing over that area anyway.
  3. Clicking on/mousing over the certificate icon should cause the "My CSM Certificate" link to appear, identified by the second arrow in the picture. Click on this link. If neither of these options is visible/available, you will need to contact CSM Learn for assistance.
  4. On the new screen, click the "Request a Badge from Credly" button.
  5. Check the email you used for CSM Learn and follow the instructions in the email(s) to claim your badge.