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Coopersmith offers over 200 NCCRS courses that are accepted at TESU, Excelsior, and Ana G Mendez University. These 3 schools are regionally accredited. Courses at Coopersmith cost $50 per credit (English courses cost an additional $50 per class). They are a great option for upper level credit without papers (unless it's an English class). Proctoring is available through ProctorU for $18 or $30 per class on their website or classes purchased through Smarter by 1 Degree come with free proctoring in Zoom 7 days a week.

Course Structure[edit]

Courses are self-paced with a syllabus, PowerPoint study guide, end of the course review, practice questions, and a textbook recommendation (some courses include additional study materials). Once you feel you have mastered the concepts, you schedule your proctored exam. Most students do not feel the need to purchase any recommended textbook.

You pass a class if you score 70% or more on the exam (English classes include assignments). This is a pass/fail class. Courses are proctored with ProctorU for $18 or $30/class. If you would like to do proctoring for free in Zoom instead of ProctorU, sign up for Coopersmith classes at Smarter by 1 Degree. The exams include multiple choice questions and 4-6 "open-ended" questions to answer. The answers only need to be a couple of sentences long. As long as you correctly use the keywords mentioned in the study materials, students report not having an issue with short answers.


These equivalencies are not guaranteed. They are offered here only as a guideline. Please check with your advisor to ensure that the desired course will work as expected.

Coopersmith Course Credits TESU Equivalency Excelsior Equivalency
Sport and Exercise Psychology (PSY-340) 3 PSY-334 Psychology of Sports UL Art & Science
Drugs, Society, and Human Behavior (PSY-305) 3 PSY-338 Drugs & Drug Dependence UL Art & Science/Social Science
The Science of Nutrition (SCI-101) 3 BIO-208 Science of Nutrition LL
Introduction to Chemistry (SCI-105) 3 CHE-111 General Chemistry I
Introduction to Life Processes (SCI-102) 3 BIO-102 Biology of Human Co.
Pathophysiology & Pharmacology (SCI-311) 3 HEA-275 Pathophysiology
Clinical & Exercise Physiology I (SCI-303) 3 FIT-310 Exercise Physiology
Clinical & Exercise Physiology II (SCI-304) 3 FIT-311 Exercise Physiology
Foundations of Stress Management (PSY-310) 3 SOS-320 Management of Stress & Tension or COU-423 (Free Elective Only) - see link for info UL Social Science
Abnormal Psychology (PSY-302) 3 PSY-350 Abnormal Psychology UL Art & Science/Social Science
Psychology of Personality (PSY-152) 3 PSY-236 Intro to Psych of Personality LL Art & Science
History and Systems of Psychology (PSY-304) 3 PSY-400 History and Systems of Psychology UL Art & Science
Physiological Psychology (PSY-303) 3 PSY-374 Physiological Psychology UL Art & Science
Family Therapy (PSY-306) 3 PSY-348 Family Counseling I UL Social Science
Substance Abuse Counseling (PSY-320) 3 PSY-332 Substance Abuse Counseling UL Art & Science
Social Psychology (PSY-315) 3 PSY-237 (General Education Elective)
Food Styling (CUL-301) 3 (Free elective only)
Coaching: The Future of Wellness (NUT-320) 3 (Free elective only)
Special Events and Meeting Planning (SMP-101) 3 (Free elective only)
Culinary Arts Techniques (CUL-101) 3 (Free elective only)
Nutritional Cooking (CUL-202) 3 (Free elective only)
Career counseling (PSY-325) 3 COU-473 (Free elective only) UL Art & Science
Group Counseling (PSY-307) 3 (Free elective only) UL Art & Science
Theraputic Interviewing (PSY-312) 3 (Free elective only) UL Social Science
Medieval Hispano-Jewish Poetry (LIT-401) 4? LIT-336 Poetry of Era/Period (confirm with TESU)
Foundations of Education (EDU-501) LL
Eastern European Jewish Immigration and Settlement in the United States (HIS-301) 3 HIS-318 Modern Jewish History I LL
Essentials of Earth Science (SCI-103) LL
Jewish Rabbinical Counseling (PSY-308) 3 COU-305 Jewish Rabbinical Counseling (free elective) UL Social Science
Health & Safety in Early Childhood Education (ECE-303) UL Social Science
History of Food Trucks (HIS-304) 3 HIS-399
College Algebra (MAT-101) 3 MAT-121 College Algebra
Principles of Statistics (MAT-102) 3 STA-201 Principles of Statistics
College Geometry (MAT-103) 3 MAT-260 Geometry
Concepts in Math & Quantitative Analysis (MAT-301) 3 MAT-303 Quantitative Business Analysis
Calculus (MAT-302) 3 MAT-231 Calculus I
Quantitative Analysis (MAT-303) 3 BUS-210 Quantitative Skills UL Art & Science
Probability and Statistics (MAT-304) 3 STA-201 Principles of Statistics
Linear Algebra (MAT-305) 3 MAT-321 Linear Algebra I
A Social History of Jewish Food (SOC-302) 3 SOC-339 Special Topics in Sociology

The following courses have been reported as not being accepted for credit at TESU: Foundations of Sports Education, Gerontology, Computer Basics in Healthcare, Medical Terminology, Motor Development.


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