National College Credit Recommendation Service

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NCCRS, like ACE, reviews courses and makes recommendations for college credit. Also, as with ACE it is critical that you understand that NCCRS can only made recommendations; individual colleges are not required to accept any course for transfer at all, from any source. For more information on this see the ACE page. From the NCCRS website:

What We Do: Since 1973, National CCRS has been increasing access to higher education for working adults and other non-traditional students by helping them get the credit they deserve for learning that takes place outside of the traditional college setting.
How We Do It: National CCRS coordinates teams of evaluators to review education and training programs offered by corporations, unions, religious organizations and proprietary schools at their request. NCCRS evaluators translate those learning experiences into college credit equivalencies when applicable. We work with over 1500 Cooperating Colleges and Universities who will consider granting actual college credit based on our credit recommendations. 'Source: NCCRS website.

Also like ACE, NCCRS provides a list of courses it has certified. This list is far smaller than the list maintained by ACE, however, as NCCRS is a much smaller organization.

All of the Big 3 schools are listed as partner schools that accept NCCRS-reviewed courses at the NCCRS-recommended credit levels. COSC only accepts NCCRS credits that come from partner institutions.