Ordering Credly Transcripts

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First step when getting a Credly transcript
This form must be filled out to send an Credly transcript

Unlike the former ACE transcription service, ordering a transcript using the new Credly system is completely free. The downside to the new Credly transcript process is that there is no longer any receipt confirmation to know that the receiving institution got your transcript. If you hear nothing for a few weeks, you may need to contact the school in question to confirm that they are actually processing your transcript.

Fortunately, the ordering process is extremely straightforward.

  • Have a Credly account with one or more ACE-recommended course badges. If you do not have any badges on your profile, you will need to have them added to your account before continuing.
  • When you are logged in, click on the circular icon in the upper right corner (see first image). In the dropdown menu that appears, click "Send Transcript".
  • A page with a form will appear. Confirm that this information matches the information that your college/university has. This is especially important if you have a more common name! If they know you as "John Dave Doe", sending a transcript from just "John Doe" may result in your transcript not getting processed.
  • Although entering your birth information is not considered required information by the form (see second image), it is highly recommended that you enter this information anyway to help expedite the processing of your transcript.
  • Once you have entered the recipient information and confirmed your information, click the Continue button.

eMail addresses[edit]

It can sometimes be difficult to figure out where you need to send your transcripts for processing. Common addresses include: