Sample TESU BSBA Finance Degree Plan

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Generic BSBA Finance Degree Plan[edit]

This is a generic degree plan that applies to Thomas Edison State University for a Bachelor Science in Business Administration, Finance as of approximately December of 2020. Please make sure that the suggestions are still valid before beginning to follow this plan.

General Education Requirements[edit]

As of 2021, students will be required to have a minimum of 30 RA credits to complete their degree. See the GE Requirements Roadmap for details and suggestions on courses that will fill this requirement.

BSBA Core[edit]

See the TESU Business Core roadmap to plan this section of your degree.

Business Capstone[edit]

Must be taken at TESU.

Finance AOS[edit]

18 credits required. 12 must be UL.

Required topics include: small business finance, public budgeting and finance, capital budgeting management, working capital management, security analysis and portfolio management (investments), planning and budgeting, monetary and fiscal policy, fund raising for non-profits.

UL options

Course Expected Recommended Course to Take Recommended Provider
UL Finance Finance 301: Corporate Finance
UL Finance Finance 302: International Finance
UL Finance Finance 303: Financial Institutions & Markets
UL Finance Finance 304: Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
UL Finance Finance 306: Small Business Finance
UL Finance FIN-301 Introduction to Finance Davar Academy
UL Finance FIN-310 Multinational Business Finance
Overlaps with's Finance 302.
Davar Academy
UL Finance FIN-401 Corporate Finance
Overlaps with's Finance 301.
Davar Academy

Davar's Intro to Finance is the UL FIN-301 Principles of Finance at TESU.

LL options

Course Expected Recommended Course to Take Recommended Provider
LL Finance Finance 101: Principles of Finance
May be brought in as FIN-200 and overlap Sophia's Principles of Finance; confirm before taking.
LL Finance Finance 104: Financial Management
Is brought in as FIN-200 and may overlap Sophia's Principles of Finance's Principles of Finance is the LL FIN-100 Intro to Finance at TESU.


6 credits required.

See the GE Requirements Roadmap for suggestions.