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Saylor Academy is a free resource to study various subjects. Some of these courses are ACE or NCCRS recommended for credit. In order to receive college credit, you need only pay the $5 SmarterProctoring proctoring fee to take the exam. Courses are self-paced and largely consist of various readings. These may be in PDF form or links to another site. If you like to study on the go, there is an app you can use. However, you must use a computer to take the actual exam or any quizzes that are part of the course itself. The quizzes do not impact your ability to pass the course and are there only as an additional study resource.


Several of these courses, especially the business ones, are reported as being disjointed and poorly organized with missing links. The course content doesn't always align very well with the exam. Because of this, Saylor is often recommended as a "last resort" credit option. If you have other options, it's suggested you try those before attempting a Saylor course/exam. If you don't have other options, it's suggested that you put in additional time studying and/or use multiple resources to study from before attempting the exam.

Study Suggestions[edit]

Review the table of contents from the Saylor course and skim through lengthy material. Grab a textbook from the library and review the same details as well as an extra resource.

Enter your own Coles Notes version of the details you're studying for review and helping you remember info. One thing I do is, create a second Saylor account for practice final exam, to see how I do. This is because, if you fail the practice exam, you have to wait 14 days for the proctored final, it hinders your speed. And the second reason is, it will tell you what you need work on, you're familiar with possible questions for the final.

Note: The practice final questions are not going to be identical to the proctored final. Having a second account isn't cheating and it's giving you an extra practice set to "gauge" where you're at. Hope this helps, more practice testing is where it's all at to pass any proctored exam. Example: TECEP for Network Technology actually uses the Saylor Course as a free resource. I'll use the Saylor course for review, but will use a Network+ study guide for good measure.


Saylor Course Credits TESU Equivalency Excelsior Equivalency UMPI Equivalency
Art Appreciation ART 107 Experience of the Arts


BUS105: Managerial Accounting
Business Ethics
Business Law
Business Statistics
C++ Programming COS 1XX Computer Science Elective
Calculus I
College Success 1 FEL-199 Special Topics Free Electives
Computer Communications and Networks COS 240 Network Concepts
Corporate Communication 3 COM-202 Intro to Business Communications BUS 210 Organizational Communication


Critical Thinking
CS302: Software Engineering 3 CIS-351 Software Engineering COS 320 Software Engineering I
Customer Service 3 APS-299 Special Topics in Applied Science and Technology GEL 1XX Elective
Environmental Ethics, Justice, and World Views
Introduction to Business 3 BUS-101 Introduction to Business
Introduction to Comparative Politics POS 1XX Political Science Elective
Introduction to Computer Science I COS 101 Intro to Computer Science
Introduction to Computer Science II
Introduction to Electromagnetism
Introduction to Financial Accounting
Introduction to Mechanics
Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology
Introduction to Political Science
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Python COS 1XX Computer Science Elective
Introduction to Sociology SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology


Introduction to Statistics
Introduction to Western Political Thought
Management Information Systems 3 CIS-201 Management Information Systems
Moral and Political Philosophy
Operations Management 3 OPM-301 Operations Management
Course was preplanned but not taken, actual transfer equivalency could vary.
Organizational Behavior 3 MAN-212 Organizational Behavior
Principles of Finance
Principles of Human Communication
Principles of Macroeconomics
Principles of Management 3 MAN-210 Principles of Management BUS 1XX Business Elective
Principles of Marketing BUS 330 Marketing Management
Principles of Microeconomics
Project Management 3 MAN-435 Project Management
Public Relations
Small Business Management
Strategic Information Technology
World Regional Geography