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While will send transcripts directly to the school of your choice, sometimes a school might only accept courses if they are on an ACE transcript or you might want everything in one place to keep track of what you've done. There is a page on the site about how the process works but it might not be clear to everyone.

For the Credly transcript process to work, you want your dashboard to look like the bottom example.
  1. Create an account at Credly. You will need one in order for the process to work. Although you can sign up for an account after requesting a transcript from, it is probably easiest to create one ahead of time. You can use multiple emails on the same Credly account, so it doesn't matter which email you initially use to sign up with at Credly.
  2. Go to your dashboard. If you have an institution, as in the top two examples in the image on the right, you're going to want to click the "Edit" button and remove the school.
  3. Once the dashboard looks like the bottom example, with no chosen institution, click on the Request Transcript button.
  4. In the "School" field, enter a single character - such as the letter A. It does not matter what you enter here but the form will not progress unless you have something in this field.
  5. Confirm your information and click "Submit"
  6. Choose the ACE via Credly radio button and submit again.
  7. Check the email you used for and follow the instructions in the email(s) to claim your badge.

Note: If you do not clear out the institution so that it is blank, the option to get your courses added to ACE/Credly will never appear.