TESU TECEP Exam/Class Registration Instructions

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Older listing for Critical Information Literacy - new course number is SOS-1100 while the subject heading remains the same
Older listing for Medical Terminology TECEP - new course number is APS-1000-TE while the subject heading remains the same

Registering for a course or a TECEP at TESU can be complicated and confusing the first time that you need to do so. If you don't want to be led around in circles on the site, the steps you need to take are as follows:

  1. Decide which exam or course you wish to register for. Good options for students who are new to TESU is either the cornerstone course SOS-1100 or the Medical Terminology TECEP.
  2. View the relevant listing page and find your exam/course. Take note of the subject heading it falls under. As seen on the right, SOS-1100 is under "Social Sciences" while the Medical Terminology TECEP is under "Applied Science and Technology". Note: updated course/TECEP registration path makes it both easier and more difficult to know what subject a given exam falls under. As an example, OPM-3010TE would now be under Operations Management and may or may not be found under Business.
  3. Log into your MyEdison page. Do not use OSS (Online Student Services).
  4. Watch this video to understand the next required steps. If you are unable to find your exam, try looking under a related subject.

Important: When registering for TECEPs, make sure you are registering for the TECEP and not the class. For instance, the Medical Terminology class will be something like APS-1000OL or APS-1000-OL. A TECEP will say TE instead of OL. The description of the TECEP may also say that it is pass/fail, not a letter grade.

The updated course/TECEP registration path sometimes it makes it appear as if the TECEPs have a letter grade. TECEPs are still pass/fail, not graded.