Thomas Edison Credit by Exam Program

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Thomas Edison Credit by Exam Program (TECEP) exams are tests specifically designed to meet the requirements of particular courses at TESU. These tests are accepted by the remainder of the The Big Three schools as applicable credit towards the tested subject.

The exams can be completed using online proctoring and costs are in line with other similar test costs such as CLEP and DSST.

There are a number of resources that you can use to study for a TECEP test. Both and have study guides available. Saylor can also be used to study for some of the tests.


Students have reported varying degrees of difficulty when it comes to taking TECEP tests. English Composition II has been reported to be quick and easy, especially in comparison to alternatives from,, or StraighterLine. Medical Terminology gets mixed reviews with some people finding it extremely easy while others were unable to pass. Network Technology, which can be required if you want a Computer Science degree at TESU, is universally disliked. Students have reported that it is outdated, is poorly written, and the study materials don't match the exam.

Before signing up for a particular exam, it is recommended that you check out this section of to see what other students have said about the test and if there are any hints/tips that they might have to study for the exam.

Table of TECEP exams[edit]

TECEP Name Catalog Number Exam Format Complexity & other notes
Writing for Success ENC-1010-TE 3 essays, each worth 33 or 34 points. Passing grade is 70%. Dictionary and writing handbook permitted; one sheet of scratch paper at a time, can request additional sheets. Students who can type quickly should be able to pass this relatively easily.
English Composition II ENC-1020-TE 5 "tasks" (short essays, essentially); see test description. Passing grade is 70%. Writing handbook permitted. Students who can type quickly should be able to pass this relatively easily. Thread with important information about exam; links to other important thread.
Public Speaking COM-2090-TE 20 multiple choice questions (20%), 4 short answer questions (20%), 2 short video presentations to be submitted [b]before[/b] the exam (60%). Passing grade is 70%. See test description for information regarding content of video presentations.
Public Relations Thought and Practice COM-2100-TE 100 multiple choice questions. 65% is passing grade.
Learning in the Digital Age DGL-1010-TE 4 assessments, 3 of which are to be completed prior to the exam. Passing grade is 70%. Handwritten notes not only permitted but encouraged due to the breadth of topics covered.
Technical Writing ENG-2010-TE 4 writing tasks. 70% is a passing grade. Reported to be relatively easy to pass, provided one is a proficient/fast typer.
Technical Communication ENG-2020-TE 10 multiple choice, 3 short answer, 3 writing tasks. Unknown point allocation. 70% is a passing grade. Dictionary and single sheet of scrap paper permitted at one time.
Environmental Ethics ETH-2100-TE 40 multiple choice questions (1 point each), 4 essay questions (10 points each). 65% (52/80 points) is a passing grade. Previously reported to be difficult to pass even if one has studied extensively.
World History from 1600 to Present HIS-1260-TE
Introduction to News Reporting JOU-1100-TE
Introduction To Critical Reasoning PHI-1300-TE
Microeconomics ECO-1120-TE
Introduction to Political Science POS-1010-TE
Introduction to Comparative Politics POS-2820-TE
Psychology of Gender PSY-2700-TE
Abnormal Psychology PSY-3500-TE
Our Changing World: an Introduction to Sociology SOC-1010-TE
Marriage and the Family SOC-2100-TE
Introduction to Biology BIO-1010-TE
The Science of Nutrition BIO-2080-TE
Introduction to Meteorology EAS-1310-TE
Applied Liberal Arts Mathematics MAT-1050-TE
College Algebra MAT-1210-TE
Principles of Statistics STA-2010-TE
Principles of Financial Accounting ACC-1010-TE
Principles of Managerial Accounting ACC-1020-TE
Federal Income Taxation ACC-4210-TE
Introduction to Business BUS-1010-TE
Business in Society BUS-3110-TE
Computer Concepts and Applications CIS-1070-TE
Security Analysis and Portfolio Management FIN-3210-TE
Financial Institutions and Markets FIN-3310-TE
Introduction to Entrepreneurship MAN-2300-TE
Managerial Communications MAN-3730-TE
Introduction to Marketing MKT-2010-TE
Marketing Communications MKT-3210-TE
Sales Management MKT-3220-TE
Advertising MKT-3230-TE
Negotiations and Conflict Management NEG-4010-TE
Operations Management OPM-3010-TE
Network Technology CMP-3540-TE Notoriously one of the most difficult TECEP exams, though recent developments have provided suggestions to make it easier. Read the Network Technology wiki page thoroughly, along with the linked forum thread for more information.
Medical Terminology APS-1000-TE
Radiation Safety Officer APS-2890-TE