UExcel Equivalencies at COSC

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It can be confusing to try to figure out whether a particular UExcel exam will work for a given degree plan at COSC or not. Consult this table to help you decide whether a certain exam will be worth taking or not. Information has been transcribed from the PDF linked to on this Charter Oak page. If you happen to need Liberal Arts credit, confirm on that PDF whether or not the exam is worth Liberal Arts credit.

Please be aware that this cost does not include tech fees or testing center fees which are separate and can be significant. UExcels require a grade of "C" or better in order to transfer to COSC.

The key for understanding the general education requirements column can be found at the bottom of the table.

Excelsior Course Code UExcel Name Gen Ed Requirements Level Online exam? (as of April 2021) Cost
PSYx310 Abnormal Psychology b UL Yes $355
NURx310 Adult Nursing N/A UL Yes $380
BIOx210 Anatomy & Physiology s LL Yes $470
BIOx104 Anatomy and Physiology I s LL Yes $355
BIOx106 Anatomy and Physiology II s LL Yes $355
BIOx250 Basic Genetics s LL Yes $110
HUMx310 Bioethics: Philosophical Issues d UL Yes $110
BUSx323 Business Ethics d UL Yes $110
BUSx221 Business Information Systems N/A LL No $110
BUSx230 Business Law N/A LL No $110
MATx150 Calculus q LL No $110
ENGx110 College Writing e LL No $110
MATx100 Contemporary Mathematics q LL Yes $110
SOCx305 Cultural Diversity b UL No $355
GEOx101 Earth Science s LL No $110
ENGx111 English Composition e LL No $470
PHIx310 Ethics: Theory & Practice d UL Yes $355
ACCx211 Financial Accounting N/A LL No $110
SOCx310 Foundations of Gerontology b LL Yes $355
NURx210 Fundamentals of Nursing N/A LL Yes $380
CHEx101 General Chemistry I s LL No $110
BUSx410 Human Resource Management N/A UL Yes $110
COMx215 Interpersonal Communication N/A UL Yes $355
ITEx210 Introduction to Computer Programming Using Java N/A LL No $110
ECOx262 Introduction to Macroeconomics b LL Yes $110
ECOx260 Introduction to Microeconomics b LL No $110
MUSx101 Introduction to Music a LL No $110
PHIx101 Introduction to Philosophy N/A LL Yes $110
PSYx101 Introduction to Psychology b LL Yes $110
SOCx105 Introduction to Sociology b LL No $110
SOCx320 Juvenile Delinquency b UL Yes $110
BUSx360 Labor Relations N/A UL Yes $110
PSYx210 Life Span Developmental Psychology b LL No $355
EDUx310 Literacy Instruction in the Elementary School N/A UL Yes $470
ACCx212 Managerial Accounting N/A LL No $110
NURx315 Maternal and Child Nursing (Baccalaureate) N/A UL No $380
BIOx220 Microbiology s LL Yes $355
BUSx425 Operations Management N/A UL Yes $110
BUSx315 Organizational Behavior b UL Yes $110
BIOx410 Pathophysiology s LL Yes $110
PHYx140 Physics s LL No $110
POLx170 Political Science b LL No $110
MATx116 Precalculus Algebra q LL No $110
BUSx350 Principles of Finance N/A LL Yes $110
BUSx240 Principles of Management N/A LL No $110
BUSx250 Principles of Marketing N/A LL Yes $110
NURx320 Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing N/A UL Yes $380
PSYx315 Psychology of Adulthood & Aging b UL Yes $110
BUSx437 Quantitative Analysis q UL No $110
PSYx365 Research Methods in Psychology N/A UL Yes $110
SCIx259 Science of Nutrition s LL No $110
PSYx325 Social Psychology b UL Yes $110
SPAx102 Spanish Language N/A LL No $110
MATx210 Statistics q LL Yes $110
PHYx120 Weather and Climate s LL No $110
BUSx220 Workplace Communication with Computers N/A LL Yes $110
HISx340 World Conflicts Since 1900 b, g, n UL Yes $110
SOCx330 World Population b, g, n UL Yes $110

Key to general education requirements:

  • a Literature and Fine Art
  • b Behavioral/Social Science
  • d Ethical Decision Making
  • e Written Communication
  • g Global Understanding
  • y Information Literacy
  • q Mathematics
  • n Non-U.S. History/Culture
  • o Oral Communication
  • s Natural Science
  • u U.S. History/Government
  • N/A - valid for credits but does not meet any general education requirements