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Deprecated Credits[edit]

As of June 30, 2022, students were no longer able to register for a UExcel Exam with the last date to take a registered exam being August 21, 2022. These exams have been retired and are no longer available. Students who took these exams previously will still be able to use any credits earned, but students going forward will be unable to earn credits in this manner.


UExcel, formally Excelsior College Examinations (or ECE), was Excelsior College's credit-by-exam program. With these exams, one could earn college-level credit in select subject areas by passing a proficiency exam in selected topics. Exams were offered in computer-based format at thousands of test centers globally, and briefly via online proctoring prior to their discontinuation. Many colleges and universities granted college credits for each test, although they were not as widely accepted as CLEP and DSST. Each exam usually corresponded to a one or two semester introductory or secondary course on the topic, and many provided upper-division credit. Most UExcel exams were considered equivalent to 3 credits in the semester system.

UExcel exams were accepted for credit transfer at the The Big Three schools. They were considered more difficult than easier CLEP tests but offered more options to receive upper-level credit in many cases.