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University of Maine at Presque Isle (UMPI) is a university that offers competency-based degrees. While they used to only accept 30 ACE credits in transfer, they will now accept 90+ ACE credits towards a given degree. Their residency requirement says that you must complete at least 30 credits at UMPI. If you transfer in more than 90 credits, those excess credits may be used towards a minor. Students have reported being able to complete 30 credits in 2 sessions (16 weeks total). When used with the extremely affordable courses, this can be an extremely inexpensive way to obtain a degree. The list of equivalencies show that they are known to accept most of the courses offered by this provider.

Completing a Degree[edit]

Unlike the big 3 where it is usually both cheaper and faster to accumulate credits from a number of sources, the path to a UMPI degree is generally much smoother than elsewhere. The following guidelines broadly apply to students who will be seeking a degree from UMPI:

  • Complete everything at except both English Composition courses. UMPI's courses are reportedly both faster and easier.
  • Students who are seeking a degree in Project Management should also skip Project Management at Sophia. UMPI's lower-level Project Management course project will be required for upper-level credit.
  • As of March 2021, it is strongly advised to bring in a science class in order to avoid having to do BIO 105.'s "Biology 101L: Intro to Biology with Lab" is reportedly a quick and easy way to complete this requirement. Take at least one more course at since you get two exams per month. Other possible solutions are to take Biology from either Olivet Nazarene University or TEL Learning before applying to UMPI.
  • It is suggested that students take American Government and possibly Astronomy from Spanish I also transfers in but UMPI's course is reportedly fast to complete.
  • Unfortunately, UMPI does not take NCCRS sources at this time. This means that they will not accept credits from Davar, Coopersmith, or The speed and low cost of UMPI's degree paths means that this is not a big deal.