Zzz - Obsolete Degree Plans/Clep101's AAS in Technical Studies (Computer Technology)

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This degree plan is based on an outdated catalog. Do not use this plan as a template for your own degree path. You can develop a new plan based on the current catalog for the school you wish to attend, and visit DegreeForum to get help from members who can assist you.


This is an outdated degree plan for Excelsior College. Clep101 completed an Associate in Applied Science in Technical Studies with area of focus in Computer Technologies using the below degree plan. His degree plan included course credits from CLEP and DSST tests, Excelsior courses, community college courses (Central Texas College), and credits from his Army training (via his AARTS Army transcript). He began working on this degree in May 2008 and completed it in April 2009, a total of 11 months.

Quoting from Clep101:

I have 21 Semester hours in the Arts and Sciences and 19 in the Elective Component.
All three sections are broken down into 20 Semester hour sections.
My expenses were $80 Enrollment fee and $85 Graduation fee (since I took two classes with them), and $120 for books.
Army Tuition Assistance paid for the rest.
I paid for 6 Months of InstantCert membership $108 for all the CLEP and DSST study material.

The Plan[edit]

Courses Source Grade Credit
Arts and Science Component 20
A. Written English Requirement (Cannot Substitute with CLEP) 3
English Composition 1301 CTC A 3
B. Humanities (Must be in subject other than writing) 3
Public Speaking - Army Recruiting School AARTS P 3
C. Social Sciences/History 3
Business Interpersonal Communications - Army Recruiter AARTS P 3
D. Behavioral Sciences 3
Intro to Sociology CLEP P 3
E. Natural Sciences and Mathematics 6
College Math Excelsior A 3
Biology - NonLab Excelsior A 3
F. Arts and Science Electives 2
Technical Writing DSST A 3
Career Component (Must take Capstone Course as of January 1, 2012) 20
Electronic Troubleshooting and Maintenance AARTS P 3
Communication Systems AARTS P 3
Networking Fundamentals AARTS P 2
Communication Systems Management AARTS P 3
Data Communications Troubleshooting and Maintenance AARTS P 3
Information Systems and Computer Applications CLEP P 3
Introduction to Computing DSST A 3
Elective Component (Includes 1-Credit Information Literacy Requirement) 20
College Level Spanish I & II CLEP P 12
Here's To Your Health DSST A 3
Principles of Supervision DSST A 3
Academic Research (substitutes the Info Literacy Requirement) CTC A 1