Zzz - Obsolete Degree Plans/Dposborne's BS in Nuclear Energy Engineering Technology

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This degree plan is based on an outdated catalog. Do not use this plan as a template for your own degree path. You can develop a new plan based on the current catalog for the school you wish to attend, and visit DegreeForum to get help from members who can assist you.


This is an outdated degree plan for Thomas Edison State University. DegreeForum user Dposborne completed a BS in Nuclear Energy Engineering Technology through TESU largely from  credits for training in the U.S. Navy (ACE Accredited), combined with courses taken through Coastline community college, ALEKS , TESU as well as CLEP and DSST exams.  

WARNING: TESC HAS NEW GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS. This plan is out of date. Always be sure to check with TESU for their most current degree requirements when forming your own plan!

Degree Plan[edit]

Legend:  NAVY = Navy Training (Nuc Pwr School) ACE Accredited  TESC = Class @ TESC  CCC = Class @ Coastline CC (NCPACE)

I:  General Education (60 SH)

A:  English Composition 

  1. ENC-101 English Composition I 3.00 sh CLEP 
  2. ENC-102 English Composition II 3.00 sh CLEP

B:  Humanities

  1. ENG-201 Technical Writing 3.00 sh DANTES
  2. PHI-384 Ethics & Business Profess 3.00 sh TESC
  3. PHIL100 Intro to Philosophy 3.00 sh CCC
  4. HUM110 Humanities thru Arts 3.00 sh CCC 

C:  Social Sciences (Ok to use 8sh here for NAVY)

  1. PSYCH115 Child Growth Development 3.00 sh CCC
  2. PSYCH100 Intro to Psychology 3.00 sh CCC
  3. SOC110 Marriage and Family 3.00 sh CCC
  4. SOS-305 Drug and Alcohol Abuse 2.00 sh NAVY

D:  Calculus I and II

  1. MAT-231 Calculus I 4.00 sh TESC
  2. MAT-232 Calculus II 4.00 sh TESC

E:  Statistics

  1. STA-201 Principles of Statistics 3.00 sh ALEKS

F:  General Physics

  1. PHY-111 Physics I 3.00 sh NAVY
  2. PHY-112 Physics II 3.00 sh NAVY

G:  General Chemistry

  1. CHE-111 General Chemistry I 3.00 sh TESC

H:  Computer Progrmng/Programmble Logic Contrllr

  1. COS-116 C Programming 3.00 sh TESC

I:  General Education Electives (9SH)

  1. BIO-101 Introductory Biology 3.00 sh TESC
  2. COM-108 Fundamentals of Speech 3.00 sh NAVY (Recruiter School)
  3. MAT-129 Precalculus for Technolog 3.00 sh NAVY

II:  Area of Study (51SH)

A:  Nuclear Physics

  1. PHY-271 Nuclear Physics 3.00 sh NAVY

B:  Thermodynamics

  1. NUC-221 Fundls of Nuclear Enginee 3.00 sh NAVY

C:  Heat Transfer

  1. EGM-323 Heat Transfer 3.00 sh NAVY

D:  Fluid Mechanics

  1. EGM-333 Hydraulics 3.00 sh NAVY

E:  Reactors/Plant Systm

  1. NUC-321 Reactor Engineering 3.00 sh NAVY
  2. NUC-331 Primary Reactor Systems 3.00 sh NAVY
  3. NUC-351 Nuclear Instrument & Cont 4.00 sh NAVY (EWS Qualification)

F:  Radiation Effects

  1. NUC-342 Radl,Reactor,&Envir Safet 3.00 sh NAVY
  2. NUC-361 Radiation Effects 3.00 sh NAVY

G:  Electrical Theory

  1. NUC-433 Nuclear Mechanical Sys Pr 8.00 sh NAVY

H:  Nuclear Materials (Ok to use 2 sh here for NAVY)

  1. NUC-313 Nuclear Materials 2.00 sh NAVY

I:  Radiation Anlys Lab

  1. NUC-341 Radiation Safety 3.00 sh NAVY

J:  Nuclear Electives

  1. NUC-332 Secondary Reactor Sys 3.00 sh NAVY
  2. NUC-372 ALARA Principles 3.00 sh NAVY
  3. NUC-337 Nuclear Mech Sys Troubles 3.00 sh NAVY
  4. PHY-371 Radiation Physics 3.00 sh NAVY

K:  Nuclear Assessment

  1. NUC-490 Nuclear Tech Assessment 3.00 sh TESC

L:  Nuclear Capstone

  1. NUC-495 Nuclear Enrgy Engng Tech 4.00 sh TESC

III:  Free Electives (15SH only need 6 due to overage in Area of Study)

  1. COP-199 Internship/ Co-Op Educati 3.00 sh NAVY
  2. MAR-310 Principles of Sales 3.00 sh NAVY (Recruiter School)

OTHER COURSES: (Leftover Credits)

  1. HEA-106 Personal Health 1.00 sh NAVY
  2. HEA-195 First Aid 1.00 sh NAVY
  3. PEA-199 Spec. Stud. in Selected T 1.00 sh NAVY
  4. MSC-151 Seamanship 3.00 sh NAVY
  5. MSC-140 Land Navig., Mountaineeri 3.00 sh NAVY
  6. MRN-101 Naval Engineering 3.00 sh NAVY
  7. EGM-330 Fluid Mechanics 3.00 sh NAVY
  8. MAT-231 Calculus I 3.00 sh NAVY
  9. MFT-272 Indust Safe & Des & Maint 3.00 sh NAVY
  10. MRN-223 Steam Generators I 5.00 sh NAVY
  11. MRN-212 Marine Engineering System 5.00 sh NAVY
  12. MAI-201 Maintenance Technology 6.00 sh NAVY
  13. TEC-142 Basic Blueprint Reading I 2.00 sh NAVY
  14. TEC-201 Record Keeping 1.00 sh NAVY
  15. MAI-223 Gas Turbine Technology 3.00 sh NAVY
  16. MRN-221 Diesel Power I 3.00 sh NAVY
  17. MRN-211 Marine Engineering System 3.00 sh NAVY
  18. MAI-202 Mechanical Maintenance 3.00 sh NAVY
  19. MAI-251 Maintenance Management 1.00 sh NAVY
  20. CAP-101 Microcomputer Software Ap 3.00 sh NAVY
  21. MAN-201 Principles of Supervision 2.00 sh NAVY