Zzz - Obsolete Degree Plans/Happydayruth's TESU BA in English (2014 catalog)

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This degree plan is based on an outdated catalog. Do not use this plan as a template for your own degree path. You can develop a new plan based on the current catalog for the school you wish to attend, and visit DegreeForum to get help from members who can assist you.


PLEASE NOTE: This degree was completed under TESU's 2014 catalog. As of July 2015 and April 2016 TESU has made significant changes to their requirements. Please check the current catalog. However, I am posting my BA in English degree plan for those interested in what courses I took for the area of study especially.

The Plan[edit]

1. GENERAL EDUCATION (60 required)

A. Intellectual and Practical Skills (15 required)

*English Composition I, and *English Composition II (Writing Intensive)

College Composition CLEP (6)


Intermediate Algebra ALEKS (3)

*Intellectual and Practical Skills

Intro to Computers DSST (3)

Technical Writing DSST (3)

B. Personal and Social Responsibility (9 required)

*Diversity or Global Literacy

Intro to Sociology CLEP (3)

*Responsible Ethical Leadership

Ethics in America DSST (3)

*Personal and Social Responsibility Elective

Human/Cultural Geography DSST (3)

C. Human Cultures and the Physical and Natural World (18 required)


Russian I (3) – APU

*Social Sciences

Intro to Psychology CLEP (3)

*Natural Sciences

Environment & Humanity DSST (3)


Humanities CLEP (6)

Intro to Anthropology DSST (3)

D. General Education Electives (18 required)

Analyzing & Interpreting Lit CLEP (3) (split)

Educational Psychology CLEP (3)

Public Relations Thought & Practice TECEP (3)

Human Growth & Dev CLEP (3)

American Literature CLEP (6)

2. AREA OF STUDY—ENGLISH (33 required)

 A: Survey of Literature

English Literature CLEP (6)

B: Analyzing & Interpreting Literature

Analyzing & Interpreting Lit CLEP (3) (split)

C: Non Western Lit

Nonwestern Literature - Russian Literature – APU (3) UL

D: English Electives

The English Language – SNHU (3) UL

Shakespeare – APU (3) UL

Studies in Literature: Christian Fantasy (Lewis & Tolkien) – BYU (3) UL

One Writer’s Vision: Jane Austen – TESC (3) UL

Descriptive Grammar English – LSU (3) (correspondence course)

Intro to Linguistics – APU (3)

Liberal Arts Capstone

Liberal Arts Capstone – TESC (3)

BA Free Electives (27 SH required)

Intro to World Religions DSST (3)

Rise and Fall Soviet Union DSST (3)

Intro to Marketing CLEP (3)

Here’s to Your Health DSST (3)

Kaplan Independent Study Course – (3)

TEEX Cybersecurity courses – (6)

Literacy Instruction in the Elementary School – UEXCEL (6)

APU – American Public University System

BYU – Brigham Young University Independent Studies

LSU – Louisiana State University Independent & Distance Learning

SNHU – Southern New Hampshire University