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This degree plan is based on an outdated catalog. Do not use this plan as a template for your own degree path. You can develop a new plan based on the current catalog for the school you wish to attend, and visit DegreeForum to get help from members who can assist you.


This is the degree plan used by DegreeForum.net user onlinestudydeg for a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a concentration in General Management at Thomas Edison State College.

The Plan[edit]

A: Intellect/Prac Skill 

  • ENC-101 & ENC-102 (CLEP College Composition) 6 credits
  • MAT-121 (CLEP College Algebra ) 3 credits
  • Statistics (SL / DSST) 3 credits 
  • Business/Managerial Communications (SL) 3 credits)
  • MAT-102 (CLEP College Math) 3 credits

B: Personal/Social Resp 

  • Diversity or Global Literacy (CLEP Intro. to World Religions) 3 credits
  • Responsible Ethical Leadership (DSST Ethis in America ) 3 credits
  • Personal and Social Responsibility Elective (SL Intro to Sociology) 3 credits

C: Hum Cult & Phys Wrld

  • Macroeconomics (CLEP) 3 credits
  • Microeconomics (CLEP) 3 credits
  • Interdisciplinary (Completed)
  • MAT-102(CLEP College Math) 3 credits
  • PSY-101(CLEP Introduction to Psycholog) 3 credits
  • MAT-129(CLEP Precalculus) 3 credits

D: General Ed Electives

  • LIT-291 (CLEP A&P) 3 credits
  • LIT-292 (CLEP A&P) 3 credits
  • ENG-201 (TECEP Technical Writing) 3 credits

Core (27sh)

A: Intr Finl/Mgrl Acctg

Group 1

  • ACC-101 (TECEP Prin. of Finl Acctg) 3 credits
  • ACC-102 (TECEP Prin. of Mgrl Acctg) 3 credit

B: Business Law

  • (LAW-201: SL? ) 3 credits
  • C: Compu Lit/Intr CIS (CLEP COS-101 Introduction to Computers) 3 credits

D: Princ of Finance (DSST Principles of Finance) 3 credits E: Prins of Management (CLEP MAN-301... Principles of Management) 3 credits F: Intro to Marketing (CLEP MAR-301... Introduction to Marketing) 3 credits G: Bus in Soc/Int'l Mgt (Pending ) 3 credits H: Strategic Management (Strategic Management) 3 credits ================================================== = Specialization  A: GMS Required Areas (In Progress) Group 1 (Not Started) 3 credits

Group 2 (Completed)[Finance] (ECO-332 Money and Banking) 3 credits Group 3 (Completed)[Management](PSY-361... Organizational Behavior) 3 credits

B: GMS Elective Area (In Progress) > Complete 9 more semester hours from any > assortment of the four areas above. At least 12 semester > hours within the entire Specialization must be at the > 300/400 level. Semester Hours Completed: 6.00 Group 1 (Completed)[Management] (CIS-301 Management Information Sy) 3 credits Group 2 (In Progress)[Management] (MAN-331... Human Resources Managemen) 3 credits ( ) 3 credits ================================================== == Business Electives (9sh) Src Course # Title S.H. Grd TESC # Notes 1.. MAN-201... Principles of Supervision 3.00 CR MAN-201 *NE 1.. BUS-101... Introduction to Business. 3.00 CR BUS-101 *NE _________________________________________________ 3 credits ================================================== === Free Electives (6sh) > Complete 6 semester hours. Src Course # Title S.H. Grd TESC # Notes 1.. BUE-101... Personal Finance......... 3.00 CR BUE-101 *NE __________________________________________________ ___________________ 3 credits