Zzz - Obsolete Degree Plans/Sanantone's BSBA in Computer Information Systems

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This degree plan is based on an outdated catalog. Do not use this plan as a template for your own degree path. You can develop a new plan based on the current catalog for the school you wish to attend, and visit DegreeForum to get help from members who can assist you.

BSBA in Computer Information Systems (requirements prior to July 1, 2015)

Humanities Requirement Specific to BSBA

Managerial or Business Communications: Straighterline (Business Communications), Saylor (Corporate Communication), Uexcel ECEP (Workplace Communication with Computers), TECEP

Social Science Requirements Specific to BSBA

Macroeconomics: Straighterline, Uexcel, ECEP, and CLEP

Microeconomics: Straighterline, Uexcel ECEP, and CLEP

Math Requirements Specific to BSBA

College Algebra or Quantitative Analysis: ALEKS (College Algebra or College Algebra with Trigonometry), Straighterline College Algebra, CLEP College Algebra, Saylor Beginning Algebra (transcribed as College Algebra), and Uexcel ECEP Quantitative Analysis

Principles of Statistics: DSST, Straighterline, ALEKS, TECEP, Propero, Sophia Learning, and UExcel ECEP

Business Core

Principles of Finance: DSST and Uexcel ECEP

Business Law: CLEP (Introductory Business Law), Uexcel ECEP, Straighterline, Saylor (Business Law and Ethics)

Business in Society or International Management: TECEP, Uexcel (Business Ethics), Straighterline (Business Ethics), or DSST (Business Ethics and Society)

Strategic Management: TECEP (Strategic Management), (not a test or Straighterline, but self-paced and cheap) Penn Foster Strategic Management (as long as it’s currently ACE-approved)

Computer Requirement: CLEP (Information Systems and Computer Applications), DSST (Introduction to Computing or Management Information Systems), and Saylor (Introduction to Computer Science I)

Introduction to Marketing: CLEP, Saylor, and Uexcel ECEP

Principles of Financial Accounting: CLEP, Uexcel ECEP, TECEP, or Straighterline (Accounting I)

Principles of Managerial Accounting: Uexcel ECEP, TECEP or Straighterline (Accounting II)

Principles of Management: CLEP, Uexcel ECEP, Saylor, and Straighterline

Area of Study 18 credits (12 credits have to be UL.)


Programming Language – Penn Foster (verify ACE approval) or Straighterline (Introduction to Programming in C++)

Systems Analysis and Design (UL) - CSU Global CBE for Information Systems Analysis and Design (CIS-320)

CIS Electives:

DSST Management Information Systems (UL)


TECEP Network Technology (UL)


TEEX Cyber Security for Everyone (2 LL credits and free)


DSST Fundamentals of Cybersecurity (3 UL credits)

TEEX Cybersecurity for IT Professionals (2 UL credits and free, but duplicates DSST Fundamentals of Cybersecurity)


CSU Global CBE - Information Systems Design and Management (CIS-311) and Cloud Computing and Big Data (equivalency unknown)


Business Elective Options 9 credits

DSST or Straighterline Introduction to Business

DSST Business Mathematics

DSST Principles of Supervision 

DSST Management Information Systems

DSST Money and Banking

TECEP Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 

TECEP Financial Institutions and Markets 

TECEP or Uexcel ECEP Operations Management

Saylor Business Statistics (transcribed as Operations Management)

TECEP Marketing Communications

TECEP Sales Management

TECEP Advertising

TECEP Public Relations Thought & Practice (LL)

TECEP Federal Income Taxation

Straighterline Managerial Accounting (transcribed as Cost Accounting)

DSST or Uexcel ECEP Human Resources Management

DSST, Straighterline, or Uexcel ECEP Organizational Behavior

Uexcel ECEP Labor Relations

TECEP Negotiations and Conflict Management

TEEX Cybersecurity for Business Professionals (2 credits and free)

Note: You may be able to find cheap and self-paced Penn Foster courses to fulfill these areas as long as they are currently ACE-approved. 

Note: All Business Ethics and Business Ethics and Society tests and courses duplicate at TESC.