Zzz - Obsolete Degree Plans/Westerner's TESC BA History (2012-2014)

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This degree plan is based on an outdated catalog. Do not use this plan as a template for your own degree path. You can develop a new plan based on the current catalog for the school you wish to attend, and visit DegreeForum to get help from members who can assist you.

WARNING: TESC HAS NEW GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS.  Degree Forum member Westerner completed a BA in history from Thomas Edison State College. She started in August 2012 (enrolled in CollegePlus, which she was with for a little over a year) and finished all necessary work in March 2014, graduating in July 2014. (LL = lower level credits; UL = upper level credits)

Her Degree Forum thread with more information: http://www.degreeforum.net/excelsior-thomas-edison-charter-oak-specific/18179-history-majors-journey.html

1. GENERAL EDUCATION (60 required)

A. College Composition (6 required)

-CLEP College Composition (6)

B. Humanities (12 required)

-DSST Technical Writing (3)

-CLEP American Literature (3—partial)

-CLEP Humanities (6)

C. Social Sciences (12 required)

-CLEP Social Sciences & History (6)

-CLEP Introductory Psychology (3)

-CLEP American Government (3) 

D. Math (3 required)

-CLEP College Math (3—partial)

E. Natural Sciences (9 required)

-DSST Introduction to Computing (3) 

-CLEP Natural Sciences (6)

F. General Education Electives (18 required)

-CLEP American Literature (3—partial)

-CLEP English Literature (6)

-CollegePlus course Social Justice From A Biblical Perspective (3) 

-CLEP Introductory Sociology (3)

-CLEP College Math (3—partial)

2. MAJOR—HISTORY (33 required)

A. Western History (6 required)

-CLEP Western Civilization 1 (3)

-CLEP Western Civilization 2 (3)

B. American History (6 required)

-CLEP US History 1 (3)

-CLEP US History 2 (3)

C. Non-Western History (3 required)

-UL DSST Rise & Fall of the Soviet Union (3)

D1. History Electives (15 required)

-LL DSST Civil War & Reconstruction (3)

-UL DSST Modern Middle East (3)

-UL DSST History of the Vietnam War (3)

-UL Excelsior World Conflicts Since 1900 (3)

-UL TESC online course "Leaders in History" (3)

D2. "Liberal Arts Capstone" (3 required)

-UL TESC online course (3)

3. FREE ELECTIVES (27 required)

-CLEP Principles of Marketing (3) 

-CLEP Principles of Management (3) 

-DSST Principles of Supervision (3)

-CLEP Analyzing & Interpreting Literature (6)

-TESC online course "Photography 101" (3)

-TESC online course "Games People Play" (3)

-TESC online course "International Relations" (3)

-TESC online course "Marketing with Digital and Social Media" (3)